About us

Never before in the Retail Industry has the pace of change been as dramatic as it is today. For a Brand to win, it must have passion and purpose along with great vision, talent, and the ability to execute.

Nordic Tech House

We've have had the good fortune of spending much of our time working with a large number of retail actors, from Brands to Venture Capital and Private Equity, as well as Influencers and domain experts. Operating within these business areas has allowed us to develop a holistic approach when it comes to growing direct-to-consumer brands.

While our experience differentiates the value we bring to the table, it is not enough to delivering success in the ever-changing retail industry without relying on talented organizations with a focus on principles to foster great development, strong culture, and measurable results.

We're looking forward to partnering with you to navigate through the e-commerce challenges & opportunities of the 21st Century Brands.

The Team

Viktor Lundqvist

Co-founder & CEO

Patrik Unevik

Co-founder & COO

Linus Kaasik

Co-founder & CIO

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Ain’t no mountain high enough and ain’t no digital challenge too difficult for us. We can help you master your digital presence and build a data-based strategy supporting your brand. Just drop us a line.

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