February 20, 2023

Access the Best Marketing Channels Examples and Strategies

We’ve prepared a list of marketing channels that you should pay special attention to!

If you have some experience in e-commerce, you probably already know that not all marketing channels are equal — some of them can work wonders for your business and some, not so much.

What makes the situation even more complicated is the fact that e-commerce is always changing and what worked yeasterday might not work tomorrow. To keep up with the trends on the e-commerce market, it’s absolutely essential to always be up to date and run tests to assess the effectiveness of your actions.

I know it’s not easy to keep abreast with all the changes, so I did the homework for you and created a list of marketing channels that work great for e-commerce in 2022.  

What is a Marketing Channel?

Before we get down to business, let’s define what a marketing channel is. Marketing channels are various tools and platforms that can be used to interact with the customers and attract their attention to your products or services. Using the right channels for your business can help you present your store to the people that will resonate with your brand, acquire new clients and engage the ones who are already enthusiastic about your products.

There are numerous marketing channels that you can use to support your growth strategy. A few of the main channels in marketing include social media marketing, email marketing, digital advertising, and offline activities. Each of these different marketing channels serves a different purpose and appeals to a different target group.

Knowing all the basics, let’s discuss the most influential marketing channels in 2022!

Top 5 Marketing Channels To Boost Your Business

I’ve prepared a list of marketing channels that you should pay special attention to in 2022. While most of these are important to use in marketing strategies of businesses of all types and sizes, you may want to adapt them to the specific needs of your organisation.

Video Marketing

Video content is one of the fastest-growing channels of marketing. One may even say that nowadays, it has the biggest potential to attract customers and drive attention. In fact, video content is the top format used by the marketers today, and customers are here for this! 72 percent of respondents said they’d rather learn about a product through video than any other marketing material.

And that’s not the end of potential benefits! Video marketing can boost conversions, generate leads, improve ROI, and establish a stronger emotional connection between your brand and customers than any other medium.

When creating videos, remember to keep them short, informative and above all, super engaging. Doing so, you cater to the shorter attention spans on social media, while still providing value. Short video content can help you effectively advertise your products, spread brand awareness and help potential customers learn more about your products.

Social Media Advertising

The reign of social media is still going strong, making social media marketing one of the most effective channels to market your products. The most popular social media gather an audience of close to 5 billion users, with millions of them visiting and actively using them  on everyday basis. Offering such a huge audience, social media is one of the biggest sources of brand discovery and engagement.

Social media marketing can help you create and spread brand  awareness and is extremely useful at every stage of the customer journey and that’s exactly why it so important to incorporate it in your marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

Content marketing consists in creating, publishing, and distributing content to attract and engage your target audience. If you create content that drives value and responds to your customers’ needs and requests, you can establish your company as an authority and reach new customers.

Have you heard that content marketing cost 62 percent less than traditional marketing and generates three times as many leads? Well, if build or position a brand, generate leads, retain customers, increase sales, support SEO and establish their reputation, I highly recommend incorporating content marketing to your marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing

In recent years, the importance of social media influencers has skyrocketed, making influencer marketing an effective advertising channel that gets your products straight to the highly engaged target market.  

Influencer marketing benefits from so-called social proof to get people to want to buy theit products and services. As people are way more likely to make purchase decision when hearing about it from someone their trust, influencers can successfully boost interest in your products by recommending them. Influencers, with large following of loyal and engaged followers who trust them implicitly, can truly help you out. Just remember to choose the ones who correspond with your target audience and are controversy-free.

Email Marketing

Do you want to use some old but gold methods? Email marketing is one of the olders marketing channels on this list- and it’s going to stay with us. Why though? Email marketing is one of the most effective channels using direct communication, with the highest ROI of any channels. And there are numbers to prove it! Email marketing has an ROI of $38, more than four times higher than social media, direct mail and paid search.

Moreover, email marketing cannot be bothered by third-party distractions such as social media algorythms and reaches 85 percent of the people you send it to.

End Notes

Different marketing channels bring different benefits. To maximise the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, you should consider choosing the ones that best resonate with your business and target audience.  

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