November 10, 2021

Four Always-On Campaigns That Should Never Go Down

We have gathered a list of paid campaigns that we believe should be Always-On.

Rising costs on digital advertising platforms has forced digital marketeers to be more careful with their spending. Sometimes all activity is shut down and they rely only on organic traffic. They then risk to lose valuable income due to this.

We have gathered a list of paid campaigns that we believe should be Always-On.

1. Brand specific search

Buying your own brand name on search engines might seem like an unnecessary expense only benefiting Google, Bing or Amazon but that is not the case. The intention of buying is very high when someone is actively searching for your brand name and if you are acquiring this traffic yourself, you run the risk of a competitor grabbing it. As your relevance score is higher than anyone else, you can expect a healthy discount when bidding on your own name. In our experience, this will almost always result in a positive ROI.

2. Product/category specific search

If you have very unique names for your products or collections, this can function the same way as point nr 1 above. Be careful not being generic, as this will dilute the purchase intention of the traffic you are acquiring. If you are selling Levi’s jeans, “501” is a good term, but “blue jeans” is not.    

Man shopping online

3. Dynamic Product Ads

DPA - or Dynamic Product Ads, is one of our most popular tools for most online businesses. Basically how it works is that it reports on-site behaviour to the advertising networks so that we dynamically can select what products from the inventory to showcase to each individual. If you have been looking at a specific yellow dress, that yellow dress will be shown in the ad format itself.  

In order for this to work smoothly, you would need to have you product catalogue and feed connected to Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads (as two examples). The reasoning why this works so well is because you are targeting visitors that have shown a high interest in a specific product. By showing that product again, you re-activate this behaviour and demand, giving them that last little push to turn them into customers.

4. Abandonment Cart Retargeting

Last on our list is the Abandonment Cart Retargeting, which pretty much explains itself in it’s name. It works very much alike the Dynamic Product Ads, but instead of retargeting products that they have visited, we dig a bit deeper and only include the ones that ended up in the shopping cart (without being checked out).  

Typically, 60-80% of all sessions when a user has added items to the cart is never checked out. This means that there is a big portion of “hot” traffic ready to be targeted by our last Always-On Campaign.  

Are you curious to see how these campaigns can be applied to your online business? Book a free 30 minute consultation with us here or shoot us a message at

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