When we first started working with Stylein, we met Elin Alemdar. Elin is the founder, CEO, and designer of the brand, having worked with it from the start back in 2006.

The task that was given to us was to move the consumer journey from physical retail to the digital space, transforming the company bit by bit. Sales had for a long time been stuck at a level between 8 to 13 million SEK and the company had a hard time moving to the next level.

Revenue over time

After analyzing the data, we implemented the following changes:

1. Remove all technical bottlenecks
For the first step, we decided to move the e-commerce store to the Shopify platform. The reasoning behind this was due to the fact that we needed something stable with a lot of ready-made integrations to other services. To expand the level of automation, we connected everything from the bookkeeping system to the 3PL system into the newly updated e-commerce platform to be ready for scaling.  

2. Expand the customer base by influencer marketing
Secondly, we understood that Stylein had a lot of loyal customers but needed to expand this circle in order to grow. To do this at scale, we used influencer collaborations. All of a sudden, new segments would consider trying out the products and we gained a lot of new traffic to the site.  

3. Implement a sustainable model for paid advertising
Lastly, we wanted to optimize the monetization of the newly found interest in the brand by running re-marketing ads on all the new traffic. Ad budgets were structured in a way that prioritized warm traffic and the lowest hanging fruits. Prospecting was taken care of by the efforts made by influencer marketing. This resulted in ROAS well above 10x.

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